8 Brilliant Frosting Ideas We Wish We Knew About Sooner

It’s no secret that we love dessert around here. Cakes, cookies, pies, crumbles… you name it, we’ll devour it. One of our favorite parts of making dessert is adding our own personal style – which often happens when frosting and decorating cakes or cupcakes. While there’s nothing wrong with a plain and simple frosting job, it can be so fun to switch things up and get creative every once in a while. Go ahead and check out these brilliant frosting hacks and get inspired for your next dessert!

Easy Marble Frosting

For this frosting hack, simply grab a tub of your favorite store-bought frosting, prefereably white or a light color, and then put a dark chocolate truffle in the middle, making sure to cover it up with more frosting.

Microwave the tub of frosting, and simply pour it on your finished cake! As you can see, the effect is a beautiful marble!

Spin Texture

Go ahead and frost your cake like normal, and then grab a spoon and fork to add some gorgeous texture! Place the back side of your spoon in the middle of the cake, and turn the plate while slowly moving the spoon out towards the edge of the cake.

Next, take a fork and hold it in place while spinning the cake to create a textured edge. Easy peasy!

Melted Chocolate

Start with a frosted cake, and then grab some dark chocolate truffles. Cut the truffles in half and place around the outer edge of the top of the cake.

Next, grab your hair dryer and melt the truffles so they pool on top of the cake and drip down the sides. Top the cake with some fruit, and there you have it! A gorgeous cake almost too pretty to eat!

Ice Cream Frosting

What if we said you could have your ice cream, and eat your cake, too? Is that mixing metaphors? Oh, well. This frosting recipe calls for your favorite ice cream to be heated up, and then mix in powdered sugar until you get the right consistancy.

Brilliant, right? Think of all the possible combinations of ice cream frosting and cake! We love this idea and can’t wait to try it out.

Watch the video below for even more frosting hacks!

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