5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Instant Pot

There’s no doubt that the Instant Pot has changed the game when it comes to cooking quick and easy dinners and desserts. Is there anything this magical device can’t do? Aside from doing our taxes, of course. But then again, there’s always room for improvement. In all seriousness, we love our Instant Pot, but we realized we might be handling it all wrong. Go ahead and check out the list below to see if you’re committing any of these Instant Pot faux pas!

Not Using The Sauté Setting

Did you know your Instant Pot has a sauté setting? If your recipe calls for garlic or onions to be sautéd, don’t take out a pan, just do it all in your Instant Pot! Once you’re done with the veggies, simply add in the other ingredients and return the settings to normal. That’s one less dish to worry about, and one more way your Instant Pot is saving you time!

Not Cleaning The Silicone Ring

Does your Instant Pot have a bit of a smell to it? Sure, you clean it out after each use, even wiping down the sides and the lid, but somehow, the smell still lingers. It could very well be the silicone ring on the inside of the lid. Food particles are likely to get stuck there, thus causing the smell! An easy cleaning method is to put a cup of white vinegar into the Instant Pot on the steam setting. Then, remove the lid and the ring, wiping down everything.

Not Using The Right Amount of Liquid

Some people think they can trick the Instant Pot into cooking faster by adding less liquid. That would be a mistake! The Instant Pot requires at least one cup of liquid to build up the steam it needs to cook everything in the pressurized environment. By adding less liquid you’re actually prolonging the process. On the other hand, don’t fill your Instant Pot too full. The instruction booklet says no more than two thirds full for most recipes, and only half full for things that expand like beans or pasta.

See what other things you might be doing wrong with your Instant Pot in the video below!

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