Is The Cookware You’re Using Safe?

Eating well is something most people are aware of and working towards. However, it’s about more than the actual food you put in your body that you should be aware of – it’s how that food is cooked! More than just making sure your meats are cooked at the right temperature, or your fruits and veggies are fresh, you should be aware of the cookware you’re using. There are four kinds of toxic cookware out there, and they are very common!

Keep reading to see if you have any of these toxic things in your home, and watch the video below to get more info on some safe alternatives.

By now, most people have heard of how toxic the non-stick teflon pans are. The non-stick coating contains several ingredients that release toxic materials into the air when heated to a certain temperature. The result is headache, fever, chills, and tightness of chest. Sometimes it’s referred to as “teflon flu.”

You might be surprised to find out that aluminum foil is another toxic thing to bake with, especially when you add lemon to the foil. A lot of people cook fish in foil packets with lemon and herbs, but that would be a mistake! See the science behind these toxic kinds of cookware, and get some safe alternatives. Watch the video below!

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