4 Fun Ways To Prepare Eggs

We don’t know about you, but eggs are a staple around our house! We love eggs in all forms, from scrambled to hard-boiled, poached to sunny-side-up, we’ll never complain! That’s why we love these fun and creative ideas for preparing eggs. Go ahead and check out the list below, and get inspired to try a few of these methods for yourself.

Dumpling Eggs

Want to impress friends and family with your cooking prowess? Look no further than these dumpling eggs! They are surprisingly easy to make, and we think you’ll agree the end result is quite appealing.

First, drape some plastic wrap over a small bowl, and line it with a thin layer of oil so the egg won’t stick. Then, crack your egg into the plastic wrap.

After securing the little plastic-wrapped egg with a twist tie, drop it into boiling water and cook for a few minutes. The end result will be a soft-boiled egg, but in a cute little dumpling-shaped package!

Shredded Egg Salad

Ok, we can admit that this one isn’t the most practical way to prepare egg salad, but it sure is fun! In fact, the kiddos would probably love to get in on this egg action.

For this project, you’ll need a mesh bag. The bags that hold produce such as potatoes or onions works great for this method.

Simply add your hard-boiled egg to the bag, and squeeze it into a bowl with mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and whatever else you normally put into your egg salad.

Stylized Eggs

What a perfect way to jazz up the egg in your salad! You can also use this creative presentation for deviled eggs.

Tie some dental floss to a toothpick, and stick that toothpick in the middle of a hard-boiled egg. Gran the floss and make zig-zag motions while spinning the egg, effectively cutting it in half.

Pull out the toothpick and open up your egg to reveal a fun little pattern!

Egg Log

We’re not sure of the practical use of this method, other than to get nice, even slices of egg for a salad, but it’s sure fun to make and look at when it’s all finished. This would be another fun project to do with the kids.

First, separate yolks and egg whites. You’ll want a few eggs, at least four. Then, pour the yolks into a small, oiled glass tube and place in boiling water. Cook until firm.

Remove the yolk log and place in a slightly larger, olied glass tube. Pour the egg whites in the tube, surrounding the yolk log. Boil this as well until firm. Take your egg log out and slice!

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