Learn Apple Pie Making from America’s Champion Cook

We’ve all got those old recipes that we follow (or have memorized) because the family loves the way they taste – whether it be a recipe handed down through the generations or something a bit more modern. And, for those of us who enjoy making pie, there is definitely a special knack that each baker brings to the recipe. Well, in 1977 there was one woman who had won more cooking awards than other woman in the U.S. She proudly fed her family spruced up versions of old classics and these unique recipes made her a blue ribbon baker and cook for many years. Mrs. Fred Kurtz was the winner of these accolades and for good reason.

Being interviewed and filmed for a series on domesticity in the U.S., Mrs. Kurtz is shown making her famous pie but with a few variations that made it very special indeed. Milk and cream are the secret ingredients that make this pie different from others. Check the vintage film clip below for a look at a real American tradition in action.

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