This Refrigerator Ad from 1956 Is Making Us Jealous

In the 1950s a brand new kind of refrigerator was being made by GM under the brand Frigidaire. The newly-minted fridge had compartments for absolutely everything that you might possibly buy or make. The door was especially swoon-worthy since it had more sections than a modern fridge does, but also had an incredible clear crisper which they refer to in this TV commercial as a “picture window hydrator for fruits and vegetables.” This crisper also lifts out completely so that it can be more efficiently loaded and unloaded. Talk about appliance envy!

The only downside we can see is that the freezer is on the small side. However, it still has a ton of compartments. The freezer does have an upside though: an automatic “ice-ejector” which assists in getting the ice cubes from their trays. It does look very handy dandy indeed. By 1961 this model of fridge had moved to the metal lever ice trays which were not the easiest to operate! Watch the video below to see Bess Myerson (former Miss America 1945) introduce the hi-tech Frigidaire Cold Pantry in this commercial from 1956. Would you love to have this fridge in your home?

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