These Baking Tips from Grandma Will Not Let You Down

8) Save That Empty Wine Bottle!

Use a wine bottle if you don’t have a rolling pin handy. This is actually a bonus since you can fill it with cold water for impeccable pie crust.

7) Hands Off

Experienced bakers know that less is more when handling dough that isn’t for bread, croissants, or yeasted sweets. Kneading too long will make the final product (from pie crust to biscuits) tough.

6) The Secret to Brown Sugar

Keep a piece of apple or bread in with your brown sugar to keep it moist, though some people use the less-perishable marshmallow for the same purpose. The same goes for keeping cookies nice and moist.

5) Wetter is Better?

Wet hands can reduce stickiness when working with wet dough.

4) Confectioners’ Sugar in a Hurry

Put regular sugar in the blender to get powdered sugar if you can’t run to the store for the finer stuff.

3) Like a Hot Knife Through…Brownies

Use a heated knife for the perfect slice of cheesecake or brownie.

2) Chill for Best Results

Chill the bowl for whipping cream before you turn the mixer on for the best results.

1) The Secret of Cakes That Release Perfectly

The secret to perfect cakes and breads is this “release mixture” and it works like magic. Make a paste of equal parts vegetable oil, vegetable shortening, and flour and brush on the bottom and sides of baking pans. This works better than oiling and flouring separately.

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