10 Things To Buy At Whole Foods That Won’t Break The Bank

Whole Foods has a bit of a reputation. Yes, it’s a health food store, and yes, they have a variety of organic/paleo/whole 30/gluten free options that other stores don’t typically offer, but the one thing that comes to mind when thinking about Whole Foods is generally: It’s too expensive. While this is certainly true for some of the specialized products, there are actually quite a few items that are not only affordable but cheaper than at other stores. The Whole Foods generic brand is called 365, and not only is it inexpensive, but everything is USDA certified organic. Here are a few items you should consider picking up at Whole Foods next time you drive by!

Frozen Veggies

Frozen veggies are a staple around our household when we can’t get them fresh. The frozen version tastes so much better than canned, and is typically healthier for you since there aren’t all of the added preservatives that come with commercial canning. Believe it or not, the 365 brand of frozen veggies is less expensive than other name brands, and they are organic, non-GMO.


Yes, quality chicken is a surprisingly good deal at Whole Foods! Sure, you may be able to pick up boneless, skinless chicken pumped full of chemicals to make them grow nice and big for cheap at another store. But if sustainability and quality are high priorities for you when shopping for food, then you won’t find a better deal than chicken at Whole Foods. These chickens are pasture-raised and all organic, no growth hormones or chemicals used. You can really taste the difference. If you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Most people know by now all of the amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar. If you use ACV in your beauty routine or in your cooking, chances are, you’re using Bragg’s. It’s a popular brand, in fact, probably the most popular brand. The good thing is, it’s high quality – meaning it still has the “mother” right in the bottle. But, it can be about $5 per 16oz bottle. The 365 brand sells a 32oz bottle for the same price!

365 Ketchup

Here is another example where we see a stark difference between the specialized, name-brand products and the 365 brand – ketchup. The organic, non-GMO, 365 bottle is a little over $2, whereas the other bottle is $6!

Spices & Bulk

Buying things by weight is a good deal no matter where you shop. For one, you’re not paying for the packaging, and for another thing, you can get just what you need. A huge problem in the US (and around the world) is food waste. So, eliminate food waste by only getting what you’ll use. This is especially helpful when buying spices. You always want to use fresh herbs and spices, so buying a few ounces at a time is ideal. Again, you won’t be paying for the glass bottles, and you’ll be getting fresh spices instead of pre-packaged spiced that have been on the shelf for who knows how long!

Find out the other budget-friendly items to buy at Whole Foods, as well as a few you should avoid, in the video below!

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